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    User name brads

    Log entry time 04:21:36 on July11,2010

    Entry number 331413

    This entry is a followup to: 331407

    keyword=Updated epicsRunEnd

    I see others (Javier, Ole) noted similar problems too...

    I poked around in the script and made a couple of changes (orig file saved as epicsEndRun-11July2010):

    - Moved the TCL end-of-run GUI invocation to be after the run number is retrieved from the rcRunNumber file. As it was, the run number was picked up after the end of run GUI was dismissed (which could be after another run was started). This was a real race condition that could certainly cause some 'out of sync' run numbers.

    - Disabled one of the PREX quartz bar and scint HV sections. Several of those variables are no longer in EPICS and were timing out. This would slow the CODA end-of-run process, but is otherwise cosmetic (unless there is a race in some other code...)

    We'll see if this helps...