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    User name brads

    Log entry time 17:45:16 on September 07, 2010

    Entry number 332076


    keyword=FADC board for Moller DAQ removed for firmware upgrade

    I pulled the FADC board from the Moller DAQ crate and put it on the shelf to be surveyed.

    After that I'll take it to the electronics group to get the firmware upgraded. The new firmware changes the logic of the "accidentals" scaler from (CR.and.CL).and.(SR.and.SL delayed >100ns) to the more sensible (CR.and.SR).and.(CL.and.SL delayed >100ns).

    The unit should be back in the crate by the end of the week.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: zahmed, brads, jixie