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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:36:32 on September13,2010

    Entry number 332204

    keyword=added words for trig. latch to TS

    I modified ts_scaler.crl so that we record the trigger latch
    pattern and the word count, to give more complete info about what
    triggers co-existed at TS. This is probably irrelevant for DVCS
    but it will help future experiments where we attempt to record
    these in a TDC but at high rates the TDC may suffer deadtime.

    Technical info from Dave Abbott

    Trigger Word Count Register (offset 0x14)
    Trigger Data FIFO (offset 0x18)

    Every time there is a latched trigger, the TS will place
    the full latched 12 bit pattern (used in the TS mem lookup)
    in the Data FIFO and increments the word count register by one.
    Every time you read the Data FIFO the word count register
    will decrement.