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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:28:56 on September14,2010

    Entry number 332251

    keyword=Helicity (setup) info comm to VME

    The setup parameters of the Helicity Timing Board are now
    communicated via TCP/IP to the VME crate for the Trig. Super.
    This will aid the scaler software in figuring out if there is
    a problem or not. I think the only "problem" is if the Pattern
    is not Quartet. In principle this is fixable too; all software
    that looks at helicity should adjust itself automatically to
    the setup parameters.

    At the moment, the info is printed every 30 sec at the vxWorks
    login. You may see a warning like this:

    (non-fatal) Helicity warning: frequency is not 1 kHz
    it is 29 Hz

    The frequency shouldn't be a problem.

    Things affected (which should cause no harm) are :
    Added "gethel" to ~/scripts/getrininfo_bgr on a-onl.
    Added a line to kill gethel in end_clean.
    Download the sgethel server in ~/vxworks/vme_left.boot