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    User name jroche

    Log entry time 12:42:47 on September17,2010

    Entry number 332414

    keyword=Uploaded new pedestals for pion rejectors + transport matrix

    Given the messing around with ADC cables, the pedestals for the pion rejector did not match anymore. I extracted new ones and "uploaded" them in the database:
    For "eye-candy" see the attached plot that show the ADC of the pion rejector before and after pedestal subtraction. Top plots are raw ADCS, bottom with pedestal subtracted. Left plots are for prl1 (pre-shower), right plots are for prl2 (shower).

    I have a simple pedestal extraction script under: /adaqfs/home/adaq/dvcs/jroche/pedestal.C

    I also did stick in the database the matrix transport produced by Ge Jin who who worked on the HRS-L calibration for E05-102 experiment. This matrix was suggested by D. Higinbotham as reliable and a good start for our experiment.

    FIGURE 1