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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 13:15:05 on September18,2010

    Entry number 332469

    keyword=DAQ fixed, was missing a gate

    There was a report that "all histograms are empty" for L-HRS.
    This was because a cable got knocked out upstairs, and so the
    ADC in slot 24 of ROC4 was not getting a gate. When that happens
    no data are read out (and I like it that way because then you
    notice). We noted that for the ADCs in this crate, the ones
    in slot 22 and 25 are getting back-panel gate and the ones in
    23 and 24 are front-panel. Not sure if this is what DVCS wants.
    I also was not 100% sure where the slot 24 gate came from; it was
    grey twisted-pair cable #4 and I think I figure out where it had
    been plugged in by Bogdan's crew (APEX remnant).