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    User name hyde

    Log entry time 16:38:50 on September 23, 2010

    Entry number 332753

    keyword=DVCS Triggers and Scalers

    DVCS Triggers in Trigger Supervisor
    T1 S2m
    T2 S0
    T3 S2m .and. S1
    T4 ( (S2m .and. Cer) OR (S1 .and. Cer) ) .and. .not. T3
    note: T1 -- T4 are independent of DVCS DAQ
    T5  ARS Valid
    T6  ARS Stop
    T7  ?
    T8  100 kHz Clock
    T9  DVCS Clock, prescaled
    T10 HRS Singles (2 of 4: Cer S0 S1 S2m)
    T11 Singles OR (cosmic, clock, HRS singles)
    T12 Master OR 
    T13 Level 1 Accept
    T15 Electron Trigger (S2m.and.Cer)
    T16 Pion Trigger (S2m .and. .not. Cer, prescaled)