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    User name jroche/cshloka/hisham

    Log entry time 10:59:38 on September 30, 2010

    Entry number 333189

    keyword=BPMS/ratser maps

    For memory, here is the map of the bpm/raster.  This is  what we always had in the data base. 
    We found that the tdc 1875 that is in the same crate than the bpm/raster ADC  received no 
    gates. Its gate was plugged on a scope. Bob Michaels suggested that this alone would prevent 
    the reading of the whole crate. So we can't say for now that the bpms are working (test still in 
    progress) but we have found a good reason for which they did not yesterday night.
    The 1881 is in crate 4, slot 24.
    1: axp
    2: axm
    3: ayp
    4: aym
    5: bxp
    6: bxm
    7: byp
    8: bym
    9: raster x
    10: raster y
    11: derivative x
    12: derivative y