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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:02:11 on October 4,2010

    Entry number 333609

    keyword=ADC synch checker installed

    A VME module (which is not programmable) was installed in the TS
    crate, it's called "EVT" and the purpose is to feed an analog signal
    on the order of 50 mV (up to 100 mV) to one ADC in each crate (and
    eventually into the ARS too) for the purpose of checking synch-
    ronization between the crates. The input to EVT is the L1A from
    the TS. For each event, a new analog signal is produced. I had
    thought this was a ramping function but on the scope just now it
    appears to be randomized; however, the 5 outputs are 100% correlated.

    Next job is to cable this up. Need BNC to 2-pin cables. I'm having
    some made. The output polarity is positive, so one must orient the
    2-pins to get the right polarity needed by the ADC. Also need a
    bit of software to check the synchronization. I'm going over this
    with Hisham now ....