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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 13:45:06 on October13,2010

    Entry number 334662


    keyword=problems with trigger downloading (and remedy)

    For years, shift workers were told to download the
    trigger according to the instructions here, which
    still work:

    But for some reason lately (perhaps due to ambiguous instructions
    from me ?) instead of typing "trigsetup", people were typing
    "trigsetup -e trigger_left.map". Unfortunately, this attempts
    a download for the file "-e" which since it doesn't exist makes
    the software load a default file "trigger.map" which has not been
    the same as trigger_left.map. One simple workaround would be
    to copy trigger_left.map to trigger.map.

    The expert mode only works if you type "trigsetup mapfile" as
    explained in the URL.

    To anticipate this mistake better I've modified the script
    "trigsetup" in two ways:

    1) If "-e" is passed as the 1st arg, the script exits with a clear
    error message:

    Argument must be the name of the trigger file ! (and not -e)
    Exiting ... try again

    2) More generally, if you specify a file that does not exist,
    it exits with a clear error message

    trigsetup trigger_blah.map
    The trigger file specified does not exist.
    Exiting ... try again


    Hopefully this will help avoid future confusion.

    FYI, the "-e" feature is used for the compiled code "trig"
    which is invoked in the shell script "trigsetup". What trigsetup
    adds to the scheme is automatic data archiving in the halog.