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    User name jroche

    Log entry time 04:36:59 on October15,2010

    Entry number 334962

    keyword=Left bogie being really difficult (TECHS)

    It took me 1 hour to move the LHRS from 37 deg to 34.76 deg.

    The trouble I had today was basically the same than yesterday night and was resolved the same way actually. I cleared the 4 steps (PSM, DM, BRAKE, CLAMP) necessary before setting the velocity to -700. I saw the spectrometer trying to move but only rocking back and forth, the 4 steps turn themselves to "no" (not ready) and I could not turn them back on. I disconnected, waited 5 minutes before restarting the display, but I could not cleared the 4 steps. I repeated these steps a bunch of time before calling Brad (RC) for advices. He tried to play with the display could not get it to go. Once Brad called it quit, I tried the procedure once again and voila it worked !! Something is not quite right with the left boggie.

    Side comment: Today again, the thing started to work once Brad had connected from home, got nowhere and I suppose, closed his version of the GUI remotely. Could something be wrong with the disconnect button on the GUI on hacsbc2.-