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    User name Carlos

    Log entry time 23:22:45 on October 20, 2010

    Entry number 335851

    keyword=ARS firmware version E09

    We tested firmware E09 during run 7623. We observed the following:

    - We still get empty FIFO events sometimes, but that can also be related to our trigger logic.

    - Sync words in the event buffer are stable, except for the first board read in each of the two crates. For these boards, we notice that the first few sync words have sometimes some random values during the run.

    See attached plots for more details.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: camsonne@jlab.org, magne@jlab.org, abbottd@jlab.org, braydo@jlab.org

    Fig 1: (CODA ev.number - ARS counter) vs CODA event number

    Fig. 2: Sync words in a typical (other than the first read in the crate) board (all events overlaid)

    Fig. 3: Sync words for the 1st board read in the crate

    Fig. 4: Third sync word for 1st board as function of event number