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    User name gaskell

    Log entry time 10:11:11 on October 24, 2010

    Entry number 336462

    keyword=Hall C energy modulation

    As part of the usual parity checks, Hall C will be modulating the beam
    energy periodically to help measure their sensitivity to helicity
    correlated beam energy shifts. When Josh Hoskins told me they would be
    testing the system last night I learned the following:
    1. Hall C plans to modulate the beam energy at the 1 keV level. This
    should be negligible.
    2. Typically, we should get some signals that tell us the energy lock is
    off, and that modulation will be starting. I don't think these signals
    are hooked up yet. I will check with Paul King to see if he knows how
    they should get to Hall A.

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