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    User name Hisham

    Log entry time 13:06:02 on October 25, 2010

    Entry number 336676

    This entry is a followup to: 336674


    keyword=s2 efficiency with the right figure

    Figure-2: Paddle s1[4] is efficient compare x-distribution of T4 and T3 events

    Figure-1: First amplitude distribution of s2.left[4] for T3 events with peak at (500) T->Draw("L.s2.la[4]","D.evtypebits==8&&abs(L.tr.tg_th)<0.1&&abs(L.tr.tg_ph)<0.05&&abs(L.tr.tg_y)<0.1&&L.s1.nthit==1","")

    Second distribution of s2.left[4] for T3 events with one paddle hit in s2 with peak at (450)


    Third distribution of s2.left[4] for T4 events with one event at (407)


    T->Draw("L.s2.la[4]","D.evtypebits==16&&abs(L.tr.tg_th)<0.1&&abs(L.tr.tg_ph)<0.05&&abs(L.tr.tg_y)<0.1&&L.s2.nthit==0&&L.s2.lt[4]>0","same"), 0 events

    Figure 1

    Figure 2