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    User name jroche

    Log entry time 10:19:00 on October 28, 2010

    Entry number 337139

    keyword=testing the end of run scripts

    Shifters have noted that sometimes the end of run halog takes a long time to show up in the logbook. For example: the end of run for run 7984 took an hour to show up and the end of run 7975 took ~ 7hours. But this is not always the case: run 7982 took only 25 seconds, run 7974 took also ~30 seconds. These numbers are obtained by comparing the time stamp in the script echoed in the script (at the beginning the epics log) with the time at which the entry shows up in the halog. It should get rid of the time it takes to the shifter to acknowledge the end of run (ie click the button).

    I am not sure what's going on here. Running the end of run scripts in a stand alone scripts just right now is taking ~1 minute. In order to investigate that more, I added a bunch of time stamp in the end of script so we can assess how much time is spent at each step when the halog entry hangs out.