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    User name saw

    Log entry time 16:45:44 on February 01, 2011

    Entry number 346027

    keyword=Scalers on bbts1

    The struck scalers are now enabled on bbts1. (ROC11). In between runs, the scalers are read every two seconds and are available to "saw" style scaler clients. (Larry and I are working on a GUI.) During runs, the scalers are read every 100 events and added to the event. 6 3800 modules are read and 21 scalers from the trigger supervisor are read.

    The header "0xbben0000" is before each 32 words in the coda file. The scalers are accumulated scalers for the run, not differential from the last scaler read. If this matters, let me know, I can change it.

    If these scalers cause a problem, let me know and I will revert the boot script and readout list to the previous version.