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    User name Hanretty, Kelleher, Jones, Selvy

    Log entry time 21:34:23 on February 01, 2011

    Entry number 346036


    keyword=FPP work for 01Feb2011

    -- Signal cables for FPPC1 and FPPC2 connected to crate.
    -- Low-voltage signal cables for FPPC1 and FPPC2 connected.
    -- Gas system connected.
    -- (7)1877S TDC's moved from Test Lab to Hall A and placed in LHRS crate
    (crate3 I believe) in slots 22-16.
    -- Low voltage supplies turned on and tested (powered off at the end of
    the day).
    -- We noticed after the 4pm meeting that there is a short-to-ground in
    FPPC2 noticed by inspecting the low-voltage side with a DVM and conformed
    by turning off the low-voltage and testing the three copper buses. FPPC2
    was slid to the side a few inches to provide access to the mesh covering
    so we could remove them (both the U and V sides of FPPC2) and inspect the
    electrical connections. Nothing was discovered in this inspection. This
    issue will be investigated further tomorrow.
    Please followup if needed.