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    User name nmuangma

    Log entry time 01:03:54 on February 02, 2011

    Entry number 346038

    This entry is a followup to: 346022

    keyword=ADC spectrum for both dE and E

    The following are the ADC spectrum for both dE and E plane.

    The black line is with no cut. The blue line is with requirement of TDC to has the actual data record at that channel.

    When there is no data record for that channel, the TDC has data at about "10E33" channels. When there is data recorded in that TDC channel, the TDC isaround "-100 to 100" channels.

    using this information to cut we have the nice distribution of the ADC.

    The data for dE.RA is a lot lower than others. This suggest that the registed signal counts is lower than others.

    Figure 1: Left E ADC

    Figure 2: Right E ADC

    Figure 3: Left dE ADC

    Figure 4: Right dE ADC