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    User name danez

    Log entry time 21:54:25 on February 03, 2011

    Entry number 346057

    keyword=Handshake Cables

    The handshake cables Vince has selected for use for the both right and left arms have been tested and they all work.

    In the process of testing, two sets of ribbon cables were used to extend the Left HRS's already-existing ribbon cables. (Please note that cable B's polarity is switched at the connector; this was necessary for testing and should be corrected before actual use. I will try to remember to fix it tomorrow.)

    Several modules were also moved around to help with the testing. No modules currently in use were affected.

    In the process of testing, it was discovered that a discriminator module in the BigBite weldment has several bad channels. Vince will be notified of the exact module tomorrow.