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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 19:01:24 on February 5,2011

    Entry number 346085

    keyword=DAQ status

    We attempted to put all the DAQ crates together in a
    config. At the moment the only config that works is
    called "test1" which involves all BigBite crates EXCEPT
    the HAND crate (roc8). Adding that one, at the moment,
    causes the Event Builder to see a SYNCH mismatch. This
    can mean a bad cable connector, something wrong with
    terminator resistors, or the card on roc8. We also have
    various test* configs with, for example, L-HRS added
    to test1, or R-HRS added to test2. None of these work,
    as if the RS485 cables were bad, or flipped, or for
    whatever reason not connected.

    Unfortunately, I must go home, so I'm leaving Larry to
    trouble shoot some more. Have fun ! I'll be back
    tomorrow around noon.

    Eventually we'll remove the test* configs, but I'd
    rather be around when we do that.

    - Bob