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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 15:36:15 on February 7,2011

    Entry number 346122

    keyword=Full DAQ running now

    13:40 .... Replace bad SFI Aux card on ROC8 (Hand FB crate).

    13:42 .... verify HANDalone works.

    13:47 .... verify that test17 still works (from download).

    13:54 .... routed the RS485 cable for Bigbite to include the
    ROC8 crate (passively for now). Run test17. It works. This is
    already better than yesterday because this was hanging up.

    Fixed the TS11 hangup problem, it seems.
    It was opening event type 100 (last scaler reading) but not
    closing it, because of the hybrid way we were running. Anyway....

    We restored "ts control" in the bb_sfi1.crl
    (This means HANDalone will not work)

    The THREEARM config runs now.

    This is the full config with 11 DAQ components, including
    Bigbite, Hand, L-HRS, and R-HRS.

    We are adjusting the "startcoda" script so that it
    starts the DAQ the way we need for the experiment.

    Just "startcoda".

    Larry reminds me that the scripts have been taken out of
    CODA because they were hanging up state transitions. I'll
    try to put these back in later. I think it will work if
    you invoke script1 which in turn invokes script2 and puts
    it in the background .... or something.