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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 14:44:49 on February 08, 2011

    Entry number 346156

    This entry is a followup to: 346155


    keyword=Updated ROC4 read out list sfi4.crl

    I updated the slots in the crl file sfi4.crl in /adaqfs/home/a-onl/crl :

    From :

    const USLOT2 = 21 const LSLOT2 = 15


    const USLOT2 = 19 const LSLOT2 = 13

    I recompiled. Please redownload to see if that fixes the problem.

    Charles made the changes before we tried Bob's test. Though if it still does not work we will try to see if there is a bug in the crl with some print statements.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: danez@jlab.org,hanretty@jlab.org,jones@jlab.org,rom@jlab.org,brads@jlab.org