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    User name danez

    Log entry time 16:57:31 on February 08, 2011

    Entry number 346163

    keyword=Trigger et.al. TDC/Scaler Map for Right and Left HRS

    In both arms, several signals are included with the triggers that feed into the scalers and TDCs, as follows:

    1 - T1 (RHRS) 2 - T2 (RHRS) 3 - T3 (LHRS) 4 - T4 (LHRS) 8 - T8 (1024 Hz clock) 10 - 103.8 kHz clock 11 - EDTM 12 - ADC Gate 13 - S1 (S1R AND S1L ORed) 14 - S2m (S2mR AND S2mL ORed) 15 - L1A 16 - Strobe/Retiming

    In the left arm, T1 and T2 are empty, and on the right, T3 and T4 are empty.

    The 1024 Hz signal is generated on the right side and cabled to the left, while the 103.8 kHz signal is generated on the left and cabled to the right.

    The EDTM and L1A are generated in the BigBite weldment and sent up to both arms.

    S1, S2m, and the strobe (which is created from S1 and S2m) are all created in each arm separately.

    The scaler map in both the scaler directory and $DB_DIR has been updated.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: yez, rom, vasulk