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    User name saw

    Log entry time 22:33:30 on February 08, 2011

    Entry number 346185

    This entry is a followup to: 346162

    keyword=Crl error corrected in F1 code

    The f1s are periodically giving errors (unknown bus error). The crl routine (bb_roc5.crl) looks like:
      variable nwrds
          nwrds = f1ReadEvent(f1MinSlot,rol->dabufp,MAX_F1_DATA,dma_mode);
          if (nwrds>=MAX_F1_DATA) {
          else if(nwrds<=0) {
    It turns out that, when "variable" is used to declare a variable, it is compiled as an unsigned int. This means the second branch of the if never happens. Changing "variable nwrds" to "int nwrds;" fixes this.

    I made this change (bb_roc5.crl.v0.3). It won't fix the errors, but at least the coda file will have the intended error codes.

    The 1190 code has the same issue. I suggest changing "variable nwrds1190" to "int nwrds1190;".