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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 09:14:21 on February10,2011

    Entry number 346254

    keyword=attempt to put scripts in CODA, failed, backed out

    This morning at 08:00 I stopped the cosmics run (looks like you
    had plenty of data, about 7 filesplits) and tried to put in the
    scripts we need for CODA. This failed because the scripts apparently
    hang up state transitions even if they are put in the background.
    It worked for CODA 2.5 (previous version) but so far does not work
    for this newer version 2.6.1. So, I've backed out of this, i.e.
    removed the scripts. So the DAQ is working again.

    I've sent an e-mail to coda@jlab with explicit details of the
    symptoms, so hopefully we can resolve this. Running the scripts
    is considered essential. I guess one can run them seperately
    from CODA, but we cannot rely on shift workers to remember to do
    that. Hopefully the DAQ group has a solution. FWIW, here's
    my e-mail to coda@jlab. If anyone has an idea let me know.


    We notice that for a script tied to EB, it hangs up
    CODA forever, even if the script puts all it's work
    into the background.

    For example, I call "getruninfo", which in turns does this

    $SCRIPT_DIR/getruninfo_bgr &
    exit 0

    with CODA 2.5 this worked fine -- the script getruninfo_bgr
    went into the background, and CODA ran fine. But with
    CODA 2.6.1 it hangs up with a message repeated infinitely
    in rcgui:

    Script (....)
    Waiting for EB2 (repeated infinitely)

    This script needs to be put in the background because, for
    example, it logs EPICS and scaler info throughout the run.
    So it needs to run concurrently with data collection.

    I tried tying the script to ROC1 instead. Same thing

    Waiting for ROC1