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    User name yez

    Log entry time 08:59:33 on February 11, 2011

    Entry number 346362

    keyword=L-HRS: S1#1L signal is very noisy, even I reduce the HV from -1660V to -1550V

    I notice that even thought we have cleaner TDC distributions for s1 and
    s2m, I still can see that there are several channels that have two or
    three peaks. I check the s1 TDC signals one by one and found that s1#1L
    has many after pulses. I checked directly the s1 signals from PMT and
    found that it is very noisy. I tried to reduce its HV to see whether it
    is better or not but even I reduce 100V,it still look not good.
    I save the figure from the scope but don't know where to get the picture

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