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    User name V. Sulkosky

    Log entry time 12:26:23 on February 15, 2011

    Entry number 347026

    This entry is a followup to: 347021


    keyword=Verified HRS timing with EDTM

    Sorry I forgot the user and title for the previous entry.  I double checked
    the timing for the configuration we ran this morning with 300 MeV/c 
    neutrons into HAND.
    For the optics setting, I had T1 (electrons) come after T3 (protons) by 
    about 50 ns.  The width of T3 was meant to be 160 ns, but I found this 
    morning that was set to 205 ns.  The protons we took for the elastics
    were rather slow (~550 MeV).  When we switched to E1 efficieny around 7 am,
    the relative timing between T1 and T3 was not changed appropriately.  But
    the 900 MeV proton comes faster.  Hence T3 shifts forward by about 40 ns.
    This means the relative timing between T3 and T1 went from 50 ns to about
    90 ns, but with a 200 ns timing window, T1 was still well within in the 
    window to form a coincidence trigger but much closer to the middle of that 
    window.  The end of run file claims the coincidence rate was about 20 Hz.
    I was told they were seeing triple coincidence events in HAND, and the 
    rate is low.  I want to double check the timing between HAND and T5 (T1)
    to make sure there are no problems.

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