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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 20:25:04 on February17,2011

    Entry number 347386


    keyword=Right spectrometer angle and Q3 all set.

    Change right spectrometer from 14 to 16 degrees.
    Since Q3 was limited to 1100 A, Followed instruction from Doug to set right Q3.
    The maximum value for right Q3, 1100 A, which shall be corresponding to the maximum value this experiemnt will run, which is pi (3.14) GeV. For the setting of 2.95 GeV, we used 2.95/pi*1100=1033 A.
    Set Q3 to be 1033 A for 2.95 GeV. The readback value is 1029 A.
    We did not cycle Q3.

    FIGURE 1