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    User name hsmith

    Log entry time 19:33:00 on February 26, 2011

    Entry number 348878


    keyword=Left and Right Bogie System

    We were able to repair both the right and left arm bogie system. So we have the capabilities to move both the arms.

    However we lost one of our PIO cards in the VME crate which means we will only be able to move one arm at a time; we will have to move the PIO card betwewen the arms.

    In additon we will have to jump out Pin 15 and 16 on P2 of the outer bogie brake board on the Right arm. The number three drive is not allowing the power supplie enable signal to make it bake to the VME crate to acknolage PSM enable.

    Everything is up and running on the Left arm, it can be moved when needed.