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    User name nmuangma

    Log entry time 03:56:12 on February 28, 2011

    Entry number 349062

    keyword=HV scan & cross-talk effect on MWDC

    HV scan with the fix thresholds (5.0V, 5.5V) for MWDC.

    At -1700V, we clearly see the artifact of cross-talk: the dept for every 16-channels in BB.mwdc.hit.wire

    At -1650V, the dept is smaller but can still be identify.

    At -1600V, the dept seems to be smoothen out.

    The target is LH2-4cm. with beam 1160 GeV, p_L = 1.055 GeV/c

    Figure 1:HV -1700V

    Figure 2:HV -1650V

    Figure 3:HV -1600V

    Figure 4:HV -1575V