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    User name cisbani

    Log entry time 16:01:42 on May 2,2011

    Entry number 357831

    keyword=Day Shift Summary

    Day Shift Summary May/02/2011

    08:00 Run 4072 ongoing in Dummy 15 cm, 40 uA, kin 6.5

    08:10 Change kinematics to 4.2

    09:00 Need controlled acces to the Hall to fix Q2 quench and Righ Arm bogies reset

    09:15 Prepare for 3He 20 cm target

    09:30 Q2 fixed, work on Right Arm movement

    14:00 decide to postpone right arm movement fixing to tomorrow morning

    14:30 Right Arm to 6.5 Kin, Left Arm to 3.2 Kin, asked for beam
    Read for short beam recovery, but beam is delayed