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    User name nmuangma

    Log entry time 15:38:53 on May 03, 2011

    Entry number 357973

    This entry is a followup to: 357952

    keyword=BigBite cosmic check: high statistic: All MWDC and E/dE Plane signal are Good

    We took three runs for the cosmic test with single BigBite in T5 trigger
    run   event
    4104   53992
    4105  388025
    4106  388907
    The following histrograms are the three-run-combined result of 
    1. BB.mwdc.[plane].hit.wire (u1,u1p,v1,v1p,x1,x1p,u2,u2p,v2,v2p,x2,x2p) 
    [2.-5. are for the E/dE plane. with black line for raw signal and the
    blue is for the cut on the correlated TDC.] 
    2. BB.tp.e.LA (0-23 bar numbers)
    3. BB.tp.e.RA
    4. BB.tp.de.LA
    5. BB.tp.de.RA
    6. BB.tp.e.LT
    7. BB.tp.e.RT
    8. BB.tp.de.LT
    9. BB.tp.de.RT

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: eip,doug,vasulk,sgilad@mit.edu,n.muangma@gmail.com,igor.korover@gmail.com, or.chen@mail.huji.ac.il,rom

    Figure 1:BB.mwdc.[plane].hit.wire

    Figure 2:BB.tp.e.LA

    Figure 3:BB.tp.e.RA

    Figure 4:BB.tp.de.LA

    Figure 5:BB.tp.de.RA

    Figure 6:BB.tp.e.LT

    Figure 7:BB.tp.e.RT

    Figure 8:BB.tp.de.LT

    Figure 9:BB.tp.de.RT