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    User name Xiaohui

    Log entry time 09:15:34 on May 06, 2011

    Entry number 358357

    keyword=RC daily summary 5/5 day - 5/6 owl

    Run Coordinator Daily Summary (Thu. day - Fri. owl)

       Day - 0.0 hours; Beam study, BB spectrometer move and test, Kinematics
    change to Kin 5.0
       Swing - 4.09 hours; Beam tuning, optics data taking at Kin 5.0 with
    sieve, finish production at Kin 5.05
       Owl - 6.84 hours; production at Kin 5.2 with 3He

    Lost time Problems

    Main Issues

    - Alarms due to HAND HV, turn that channel off.

    Shift Summaries


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