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    User name yez

    Log entry time 04:38:54 on May 07, 2011

    Entry number 358443

    keyword=Keep taking data on He3 at Kin6.5 for the owl shift, and the day shift

    Now Both arms are set to Kin 6.5, and target is at He3 20cm. Since we don't have enough 60 hours to finish this kinematics, I suggest that we split the He3 run into two parts, for example, we keep taking data for He3 for this owl shift and the entire day shift (total 12 hours), then we take data on BeO (15mins), Optics(15mins) and Dummy(3 hours). After that, we keep taking data on He3 during swing shift and owl shift, and take rest of Dummy data (3hours) at Sunday 9am, or find a chance to finish Dummy data taking during the swing shift or owl shift if any situation changes (for example, high current limited).

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: zhanxh, solvigno, johna@anl.gov