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    User name Xiaohui

    Log entry time 10:37:19 on May 08, 2011

    Entry number 358589

    keyword=Run plan (day shift)

    1. Ask for controlled access at 10am for HAND/BB work (Vince, Or, Igor).

    2. MCC pass change (3->4) at noon.

    3. Ramp down R-HRS magnets at 12pm for polarity change, may take 3 hrs.

    4. Set up L-HRS to 20.3 degs and 3.6104 GeV/c.

    5. Move R-HRS to 24.5 degs.

    6. Controlled access after pass change at 4pm (maybe earlier than that) for multiple tasks in the hall: target warm up, configuration change, R-HRS polarity change. After R-HRS polarity change, set to 1.19635 GeV/c

    7. Move target to Empty.