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    User name Nikos

    Log entry time 00:03:56 on May 9,2011

    Entry number 358673

    keyword=Shift Summary

    16:00 Shift started with people working in the hall.

    17:15 Work in the hall completed. Asked for beam.

    19:10 Got beam. Moving to BeO. Raster check.

    19:40 Moving to slanted carbon. Checking system with 1uA, 5uA,
    10uA, 15uA & 20uA.

    19:56 Going to production @ 20uA:

    - run 4315 (production)
    - run 4316 (production)
    - run 4317 (production)

    23:10 MCC has a problem delivering beam due to vacuum.
    Meekins is going in the hall to work on it.

    00:00 End of shift with access in the hall.