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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 23:03:36 on May 9,2011

    Entry number 358751

    keyword=Day shift summary

    Day shift summary:

    Shift workers: D. Gaskell (SL), J. P. Chen (TO), N. Fomin (3rd)
    Only TO is on duty, SL/3rd standby since it's beam study and target switch-over for the whole shift.

    8:00 Beam off for beam study. Power permit.
    9:30 Controlled access.

    Activities in the hall:
    1) Dave Meekins, switch from 3He to He4 and cool-down both He4 (loop1)
    and D2 (loop2) targets.
    2) Howard and Heidi in hall to check things
    3) Mark Jones and Xinzhan Bai: GEM