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    User name V. Sulkosky

    Log entry time 23:18:00 on May10,2011

    Entry number 358886

    keyword=4He Coincidence T5

    4He coincidence peak for HRS's. I took run 4369, which only has
    partial statistics due to the T4 rate problem. I then plotted the
    T5 coincidence peak from run 3450 from the end of the last run period
    on April 13. I scaled the statistics to match. The coincidence
    peaks from the two runs appear to be on top of each other.

    I will recheck with a full statistics run when 4370 ends.

    Black is run 3450
    Red is run 4369

    I used the variables: 0.5*(DBB.t1[0]-DBB.t3[0])
    with DBB.edtpr[0]==0 to remove the EDTM.

    FIGURE 1