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    User name V. Sulkosky

    Log entry time 15:54:05 on October 20, 2011

    Entry number 359301

    This entry is a followup to: 359169


    keyword=HRS DAQ Configurations and Status Update

    With the g2p CODA configuration mentioned in the previous Halog entry: 
    359169, it was found that the platform for the left and right HRS 
    interferred with each other.  Upon closer inspection and consultation with
    David Abbott, it seems the problem was that the EXPID variable was the 
    same (adaq) for both left and right HRS platform sessions.
    I decided to go ahead and move the right HRS msql database from the "adaq"
    database to the "Righthrs" database that was already in existence on 
    adaql2.  I dumped the adaq and Righthrs databases into files and then 
    modified the Righthrs database to include the right HRS configurations 
    that had already been created in the "adaq" database:
    At the moment, only the RHRS_no826 configuration works.  For some reason,
    the RightIntel using ROC 8 (Intel CPU for ROC 1) has a problem.  I found 
    that the TS control ROC selection was not being set correctly for the 
    RHRS_no826, and I had to add a flag to ensure that it was and tested that
    it now works.
    After I dumped the adaq database, I attempted to reload it and ended up 
    somehow corrupting the database.  I was able to restore it to an earlier 
    version from September 22nd.  Besides the right HRS configurations except
    RightHrs being removed, the only other configuration that was removed
    is the LHRSHAP, which includes the HAPPEX crate ROC 25.  For some reason,
    the LHRSHAP_option table is still in the "adaq" database, which crashes
    dbedit if one selects this table.  I was able to recreate LHRSHAP as
    LHRSWHAP, though I am unable to test it since the HAPPEX crate is not
    connected to the left arm TS.  The LeftHrs configuration without ROC 25
    works perfectly fine.
    Finally, the interference between the platforms for the left and right
    HRS DAQ's appears to be gone.  I can now start either DAQ and I see no
    interference with either one.  However, if someone should find an 
    interference please let me know, so I can remove it.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: camsonne,rbziel,kalyan,melissac,tbadman,pzhu