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    User name M. Cummings

    Log entry time 14:03:07 on December 19, 2011

    Entry number 360905

    keyword=# of good events per run

    I looked at a couple of runs from the left and right HRS to get an 
    estimate for the percentage of good events per run.  The attached plots 
    show the individual cuts applied to each run. In each plot the red line
    shows the raw spectra while the blue line shows the applied cut.
    LHRS run 1895 (Cuts shown in figure 1)
    Number of Events in Run = 3435700 
    Number of Good Events = 2260296 
    Percentage of Good Events = 65.8% 
    RHRS run 21019 (Cuts shown in figure 2)
    Number of Events in Run = 4880800 
    Number of Good Events = 3279113 
    Percentage of Good Events = 67.2% 

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: slifer@jlab.org, jpchen@jlab.org

    Figure 1

    Figure 2