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    User name V. Sulkosky

    Log entry time 17:39:53 on January 10, 2012

    Entry number 361950

    This entry is a followup to: 361887

    keyword=MSQL database Dumps

    I have made dumps of the MSQL database for the adaq and Righthrs 
    databases.  The files are saved under:
    as Righthrs.data and adaq.data
    I have also saved copies of these files as Righthrs_10jan12.data and
    adaq_10jan12.data in the same directory as above.
    I actually had dumps of the databases from October 20th when I had split
    the left and right HRS into separate databases.  These files are
    Righthrs_20oct11.data and adaq_20oct11.data
    However, there were several configurations created since that point in 
    time such as buffered and sequencer configurations.  In fact, now that
    the DAQ is mostly stable, especially for the left HRS, we might want to
    consider removing some of the unnecessary configurations that were used
    for debugging and testing purposes.  We should probably also create
    pedestal configurations.

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