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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 08:24:24 on January11,2012

    Entry number 361951

    keyword=multiple files for run 21255

    There are four files with the same (identical) name for
    run 21255 taken on Jan 9. I don't know what happened (possible
    CODA glitch) but this can't work -- files must have unique names
    in the MSS. I will rename with "2nd", "3rd", and "4th" in the
    filename string, in order by creation time. The one at 15:58
    is already in the MSS. This problem was caught by the scripts
    which send e-mails to me about problems like this.

    size ... creation time .... filename .... status
    131137536 Jan 9 15:58 /adaql1/data4/g2p_21255.dat.0 ... in MSS
    96600064 Jan 9 16:02 /adaql1/data1/g2p_21255.dat.0 ... *_2nd.dat.0
    18284544 Jan 9 16:17 /adaql1/data2/g2p_21255.dat.0 ... 3rd
    205258752 Jan 9 16:24 /adaql1/data3/g2p_21255.dat.0 ... 4th