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    User name hoyoung

    Log entry time 07:59:38 on March 05, 2012

    Entry number 363771

    keyword=Owl Shift Summary March 04, 2012

    Shift workers: Hoyoung Kang(SL), Mikhail Yurov(TO), Marco Pannunzio 
    00:25 Just finished quick fix in hall, moving back to beam permit. But 
    still we had no beam.
    06:40 1uA CW beam for compton, work in hall planned on 7:00am was delayed 
    for this.
    07:00 Rampped down septa magnet for hall access
    07:20 Restricted access requested
    Serious problems in accelerator occurred and beam was not available for 
    more than 6 hours. We could not get optics data.