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    User name Chao

    Log entry time 08:14:27 on March 06, 2012

    Entry number 364224

    keyword=Septum current scan during the BPM Calibration

    When Pengjia is doing BPM calibration, we also take some data with pure
    helium target. We changed septum current to do a scan. During the scan,
    HRS momentum is set to 2.228GeV. Here is the run list:
    Septum I=800A
    2819/21896(Beam Position 0,0) 2820/21897(Beam Position +4+4)
    2821/21898(Beam Position +4+4)
    Septum I=762A
    2822/21899(Beam Position +4+4) 2823/21900(Junk) 2824/21901(Beam Position
    Septum I=725.4A
    2825/21902(Beam Position +4-4)
    Septum I=688A
    2826/21903(Beam Position -4-4) 2827(Beam Position -4-4)
    21904-21906 CODA crash for right arm
    Septum I=653A
    2829/21907(Beam Position -4-4)
    Septum I=703.6A
    2830/21908(Beam Position -4+4)
    Septum I=718.1A(Left) I=725.4A(right)
    2831/21909(Beam Position -4+4)
    2832/21910(Beam Position -4+4)
    I made some plots for left arm with vertex cut to show the sieve pattern.
    We are now using the I=718.1A to set the septum for HRS
    momentum=2.228GeV, and the sieve pattern plot for this septum current
    looks best. We will keep the setting.