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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 11:03:46 on March 06, 2012

    Entry number 364231

    keyword=BPM calibration summary

    We took data for BPM calibration for 5 positions with both new and old
    constants and with 10 KHz receiver on and off.
    Pengjia can give a more detailed summary since I left in swing shift.
    One thing we noticed is that BPM position changes when at high current 8
    uA pulsed and 100 nA so we have to be careful to take calibration data at
    the current we will run.
    A few runs for raster calibration were also taken.
    Signal on 1H05 is still very small and the noise got worse for 1H04 later
    in the night.

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