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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:21:59 on March 8,2012

    Entry number 364572

    keyword=run file byte mismatch for run 21580

    Run 21580 had a byte size mismatch to the one in MSS, and my
    scripts warned me via e-mail (actually for several days now, but
    I just got around to fixing it).

    The one in MSS has 77299712 bites and is called g2p_21580.dat.0

    The one on /adaql1/data4 is 77430784 bytes.
    ls -la /adaql1/data4/g2p_21580.dat.0
    a-onl a-adaq 77430784 Feb 24 09:39 /adaql1/data4/g2p_21580.dat.0

    It will be called g2p_21580_2nd.dat.0 in MSS.

    Probably some cosmics ray or pulser test and the DAQ did
    something funny to produce duplicate file name.