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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 23:24:06 on March 8,2012

    Entry number 364847

    keyword=A short summary

    After completed the first part of the optics study (position depenndence), started acceptance part 1, took one run with fast raster 2X2 mm (MCC units) at nominal beam position. Then moved to the 2nd step with slwo raster. First turned on slow raster to the minimum value (500 mV). Saw a small increase in scaler rate (880 to 920). Target temperature rose from 15-16K to 19-20K. Spot++ shows a hot slice on the up-left corner (since vertically it is inverted, it means beam hit the bottom side). We tried to move target by 1 mm, not working. James called and we talked about this. He tried a move to the end and back.
    We moved beam by 1 mm, then hot slice went away.
    We decided to move on to the delta scan.
    James called again that he will come to check out the target position. Since this will take some time.
    We will move the HRS to the top value (which takes a little longer time for the HRS-R to settle) to start delta scan.