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    User name Jack(Techs)

    Log entry time 18:15:18 on March 09, 2012

    Entry number 365118

    keyword=UPS on Left Arm replaced

    The UPS under the Boxbeam on the Left Arm was behaving erratically. Heidi and Andrew replaced it. All the random ON and OFF was too much for one of the softIOCs (a process running on one of Accelerator's machines) and William had to restart it. Then we were stumped for a bit by the problem of the VME relay cards coming up in a funky state. The FuG supplies were ON with 0 amps output and negative polarity. The GUI showed them as OFF and with positive polarity. First I had to click the OFF button to turn them OFF. Clicking ON does not do anything, for some reason. Then I had to click the positive polarity button which changed the polarity to positive. Now I could click the negative polarity button and it switched to negative polarity. Then I clicked the ON button and the supply turned ON. Now it was responding normally. This was done for both LQ2 and LQ3. The Octagon on the Left Dipole got hung-up, fortunately it was at 0 amps. I cycled power on the supply and the Octagon controller. It came back up ok. Earlier Jessie noticed the software regulator for the RQ2 was not working. After all this it looked like the Right Arm regulators were having problems. I rebooted iocha16 and things seemed to come back ok.