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    User name pzhu

    Log entry time 03:36:00 on March 10, 2012

    Entry number 365256

    This entry is a followup to: 365174

    keyword=slow raster size for new configuration

    I use the same method as James, you can see the pictures in the attachment. 
    first picture the slow raster is 1.1V, the size of the hole in the middle
    is 1cm, so the size of slow raster = (4751-1079)/(4102-1833)*1cm=1.6cm
    second picture the slow raster is 1.5V, the size of the bottom hole is
    1cm, so the size of slow raster = (5428-471)/(4032-1746)*1cm=2.18cm
    I did the same calculation on yesterday morning, the result is matched
    James' result. I also checked the slow raster power supply's magnet
    current for 1.5V today and yesterday, it is same, both is 5.57373A for x
    and 5.40225A for y. you can check it in the start of run in halog. So the
    only reason that slow raster size change is the chicane and target field
    changed. yesterday is at 2.5T configuration and today is at 5T
    configuration, seems target field will affect beam size.

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