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    User name jmaxwell

    Log entry time 00:53:22 on March 12, 2012

    Entry number 365829

    keyword=[Target] New Baseline on Top, Basefile Bug, Plan for Night

    A few lost events were occurring in PDP as the eventfile was getting very large (I think). I started a new event file and the trouble went away.

    Unfortunately, the new version of PDP does not permit a new eventfile without a new baseline file. A new eventfile can be created, but it cannot access the orevious basefiles for some reason. We'll be fixing this in the coming days, I hope. Usually we'd start a new event file every shift, but this bug is preventing this. If someone starts a new eventfile, a new basefile and thus new baseline is necessary. DO NOT START NEW EVENTFILES FOR NOW!!!

    We stopped beam and microwaves for 5 minutes while I took a new baseline on the top cup.

    The material is performing very well, decaying from -90% to -80% over about 12 hours. This is thanks to the low beam current (50nA). I expect the polarization will stay above 60% for the rest of the night, so we should continue production data on this cup. The bottom cup material was annealled a bit too much, so I doubt switching to it tonight will be advantageous to the current material's decay with dose.

    Tomorrow we'll be taking a new thermal equilibrium measurement to double check these high polarizations.